Dr. Keith Vodzak

Dr. Keith Vodzak Ocean View Dental
Dr. Keith Vodzak

Dr. Vodzak was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania.  He moved across the country for his Orthodontic training in San Francisco.  His orthodontic reputation was then established in the Bay area before moving to Hawaii in 2001.

In Hawaii, Dr. Vodzak’s last name is certainly unique.  His roots are from Europe, however his wife’s are local.  The Vodzak children are the center of their ohana and they certainly keep everyone busy.  Around the house, Dr. Vodzak is known as “Mr. Fixit”.  However, given the option, he would much rather be doing something with his children.

Although he has many interests, Dr. Vodzak believes “What we do is not as important as the time we spend together”.  Dr. Vodzak has a great philosophy about the services he provides our patients.  “When someone asks me about being an orthodontist, I prefer not to talk about the art of straightening teeth.  Rather, I like to think that my job is to provide HOPE.

I have the ability to improve your image, your confidence and your self esteem.  These changes can impact all aspects of your life.  The secret ingredient that allows us to make these changes is having passion for the work that we do!”

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